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Deb Suder

I've read your stories on Fodors! Thought your name sounded familar. I get the newsletter. Anyway, would love to read a blues trip scrapbooking blog, my two favorite things are blues and scrapbooking. Bet your stories would be amazing. Do it!

Rosie V.

i wish i had thought to have my photos developed on my honeymoon. they were in my camera and the airline security scanner ruined them. thats the only thing that could have happened i think because my camera and the picture card are fine. but when i went to move the pictures from my camera to my computer the computer says the photos are in a unknow format. could the airport scanner have done this? anyway now i have no photos from my honeymoon.


Rosie, airport security scanners aren't likely to have damaged photos stored on a flash card. You didn't leave an email address so I can't contact you directly, but if you happen to see this please feel free to email me one of your photos. Maybe I can help to figure out what went wrong.

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So here's the deal. I have a camera with a memory stick and deleted some pictures. After I deleted the pictures, I uploaded the pictures that I left on the camera into the computer. Can I recover the deleted pictures on the computer, or would I have to have my camera plugged in and find the deleted pictures on that? By the way after I put the pictures on the computer I filled up the memory stick with other pictures. Can you even recover deleted pictures with memory sticks? I know you can with SD cards but what about memory sticks? Thanks!

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everytime you hear the rolling thunder
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does it ever make you stop and wonder

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