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I'm a freelance writer and graphic designer who started scrapbooking about eight years ago, inspired by the need to do something cool and interesting with my photographer husband's amazing photos. I quickly moved to digital scrapping because A: I'm a total geek and B:I am incapable of cutting a straight line without slicing off a finger. I love the creative freedom offered by Photoshop, and the joys of the delete button. No more wasted paper or products!

Lately I've been doing mostly digital art journaling, and i love mixing strange vintage photos in with new pics.

Most of my writing tends to be about technology, travel or tattoos. I'm a regular contributor to Fodor's Travel Wire, have contributed to several of Fodor's travel guides, and am also a contributing editor for Easyrider's Tattoo, Flash and Savage magazines. I've done copywriting for IBM, Sun Microsystems, FujiFilm, Applied Cognetics, and SecurityLab Technologies. My writing has also appeared in Scrapbook Answers magazine,, U.S News and World Report, Wired, Agence France-Presse, Popular Mechanics, Diversions, Portable Computing Shopper, Portable PC, Alt Alternatives, and Juxtapoz.